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Monday, May 17, 2010

Now That's Dedication!

Still haven't gotten to the Dr's office to get weighed. The are open 9-5, and I work 8-5, and since I don't have a car (totaled mine in early April), it's kinda impossible to get over there. Today, however, I'm (finally) going to make it over to the blood bank to give blood, and then I'm gonna pop in to the urgent care dept. and ask them to weigh me and put it in my chart, so the surgical RN can review it and get me on the list!
Nobody can say I'm not dedicated to my new lifestyle after today! I went on my 1+ mile lunchbreak walk even though it's raining!!! Since I'm the most accident-proned person you've ever seen (I make Bella Swan look like a graceful ballerina-- Twi-hard joke there--), and I've never met a slick surface without being brought to my knees, I walked in the street instead of on the sidewalk. I figure the asphault isn't as slick when wet as the cement. Funny part- I saw more other pedestrians excercising today in the rain than I have seen the entire time I've been walking at lunch! I'm so pleased with my self for not using the fact that it's raining and cold and I don't have any sort of sweater or umbrella stop me from walking today! I've begun to be really disappointed in myself if I miss my walk or take a short one. But the 110+ degree weather is just around the corner... I really wish I had a treadmill!
Lastly, a word to the wise concerning protein powder! From day one, I've been using the Magic Bullet to mix my powder and water in the mornings (at least I finally found a use for the thing- it won't chop ANYTHING like it's supposed to!). The package says "dissolves instantly- no blender needed!" So today, when I was running really late for work, I decided to believe it, and just ran out the door. Turns out, all the shaking and stirring in the world didn't help. It was all chunks. I nealy gagged over each and every sip of it. *shudders* Never again...

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