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Monday, May 17, 2010

Now That's Dedication!

Still haven't gotten to the Dr's office to get weighed. The are open 9-5, and I work 8-5, and since I don't have a car (totaled mine in early April), it's kinda impossible to get over there. Today, however, I'm (finally) going to make it over to the blood bank to give blood, and then I'm gonna pop in to the urgent care dept. and ask them to weigh me and put it in my chart, so the surgical RN can review it and get me on the list!
Nobody can say I'm not dedicated to my new lifestyle after today! I went on my 1+ mile lunchbreak walk even though it's raining!!! Since I'm the most accident-proned person you've ever seen (I make Bella Swan look like a graceful ballerina-- Twi-hard joke there--), and I've never met a slick surface without being brought to my knees, I walked in the street instead of on the sidewalk. I figure the asphault isn't as slick when wet as the cement. Funny part- I saw more other pedestrians excercising today in the rain than I have seen the entire time I've been walking at lunch! I'm so pleased with my self for not using the fact that it's raining and cold and I don't have any sort of sweater or umbrella stop me from walking today! I've begun to be really disappointed in myself if I miss my walk or take a short one. But the 110+ degree weather is just around the corner... I really wish I had a treadmill!
Lastly, a word to the wise concerning protein powder! From day one, I've been using the Magic Bullet to mix my powder and water in the mornings (at least I finally found a use for the thing- it won't chop ANYTHING like it's supposed to!). The package says "dissolves instantly- no blender needed!" So today, when I was running really late for work, I decided to believe it, and just ran out the door. Turns out, all the shaking and stirring in the world didn't help. It was all chunks. I nealy gagged over each and every sip of it. *shudders* Never again...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pre-Surgery Weight Requirement Met!

YESSS! I did it! This morning, the scale showed that I have lost the 21 pounds required before they'll schedule my surgery. For the last week, I've stopped having those "we want you to think we're nutritious, but we're SO not" granola bars for breakfast; I've had only a protein shake for lunch(www.spiru-tein.com); if I MUST have a snack at work, it's been string cheese, but most of the time, I've satiated it with WATER (I love Crystal Light)! And I've upped my walking to 2 miles a day instead of one! For dinner, I've tried to be reasonable about things. Yesterday, my husband had ordered a pizza, and I had 3 pieces instead of my usual 5 or so (well, there were only 3 pieces left, but still...)
I'm not going to the doc for my weigh-in til tomorrow. I've been losing a pound a day since starting the protein shakes, and just in case their scale is a little off from mine, I hope to lose that extra pound first. I don't want them to say, "Nope! You've lost 20 pounds, not 21 pounds" and send me home, because that would crush me. AND, they're not open yet before I go to work, so I won't be able to weigh in til I'm on my lunch break, at which time I'll have several bottles of water's worth of weight in my belly. Plus, my best friend (a gastric bypass patient, about 7 years ago) have a date to donate blood at the blood bank this evening, so there's an extra pound off! LOL! (I learned while working there that the pint of blood they take from donors weighs one pound)
I'm doing a happy dance in my head!!! I let out a loud "woo-hoo!" this morning when I stepped on the scale. My husband was like, "what's going on in there?" Maybe he assumed my frogs, who live in an aquarium in the bathroom, finally laid eggs, because I've been catching them "in the act" a lot lately, LOL.
So yesterday, I called the surgeon's office to tell them I was about a pound away from my goal (or should I say THEIR goal for me), and asked whether I needed to make an appointment or just come weigh in (it's the latter). Someone is supposed to call me within TWO WEEKS to schedule me. Argh! I asked the nurse, "NOT that I plan on doing this, but what if I gain a couple of pounds back? It's ok right, because I'll lose again when I do the 2 week liquid fast?" And she said NO! I'll be having several appointments: physical, 'female's annual', EKG, chest x-ray, labwork, etc., and they'll be weighing me every time. She said if I gain a SINGLE POUND, they'll cancel my surgery! Sooo many people have said that after they met the weight loss goal required before scheduling, they totally splurged and had all their favorite restaurants/dishes one last time, and many have said they were actually heavier on surgery day than in the beginning because of this "last hurrah" attitude... So much for that! I definitely have to have all of my favs one last time, but I won't go crazy and I will keep working out and doing my protein lunches! The RN also said the more weight I lose, the safer my surgery will be. FINE, YOU PARTY POOPER! LOL
Also, I emailed my surgeon yesterday with the nutrition facts of some ready-to-drink soy protein meal replacements I found online (I can't have any of the ones they recommend, because I'm allergic to milk). He said it's pretty high in calories compared to Boost, etc., but that it will be OK if it's the only thing I can find. Well I'm NOT trying to drink too many calories, dummy! Back to the drawing board. Worst comes to worst, I'll drink HALF a can per meal.
So PLEASE wish me luck; I'll be weighing in tomorrow!!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

A Small-ish Victory

My cousin, whom I didn't even know was reading my blog, has informed me that she's a blog-stalker and chastised me for not making enough entries. This one's for you!
I went to the doctor's office on Wednesday to weigh myself. My new scale at home said I was down about 15 lbs, but I didn't know if it was accurate, since I got it after I started losing, and hadn't been to the Dr. in a few weeks. I had stopped in to borrow the scale of the doctor whom I work next door to, and their scale said I was only down 5 lbs total. I figured that one was more accurate because it's the old-school kind, not an electric one. So I figured I had better just pop in to my surgeon's office and get a reading on the same scale I started with. I was actually really scared that I hadn't lost anything. They reccommend (but don't require) an 800-calorie diet to lose your pre-op weight, and I have not followed that AT ALL... as I've stated before, I'm just cutting portions in half, trying to make wiser choices, and walking (and dropping soda). SOOOOO... I was pretty thrilled to see that I've lost 14 pounds!!!!

I decided then and there that I'm going to have just a soy protein shake for lunch every day for a week, and see where it gets me. I cannot wait to get that 6 lbs off! As I practically skipped through the hospital halls with a giant perma-smile on my face, I texted my mom and called my hubby to share the good news. There was a Farmer's Market of sorts on the hospital grounds, so I decided to browse for some healthy snacks. Oddly, there was no fresh produce... just snacks, cut flowers, potted flowers, homemade dog food, and "gourmet hummus". So I bought a bully stick for our puppy to gnaw on. The hummus didn't have any nutritional facts on it. The guy at the booth said "it's practically like zero calories" but I wouldn't buy it with no exact numbers. I was like, "and what about the sodium? I'm on a vrey strict diet right now" and he kept arguing that "it's ok for you, it's so healthy!" and I informed him that I wasn't comfortable without the exact numbers. He kept shouting as I walked away. Doofus.
So then I strolled over to a booth with dried, seasoned vegetable chips. I'm talking to the guy (about my age) at the booth, but he never looks up. I tell him that unfortunately, they're way too high in salt for me at the moment. Finally he glances up and says, "oh wow, you're beautiful. oh my. wow" and I was like, "um, thanks!" and I keep looking at the products. He's like, "I should have looked up sooner, I mean I could tell from your voice, but wow" and I'm blushing and thank goodness another customer comes up and starts asking him questions, and I scurry away embarrassed. It was super awkward, as I've never, ever been hit on by a stranger before. I'm sure he was just trying to make a sale, but whatever. I eavesdropped from the next booth to see if he was saying that to everyone, but only much older people were going up to the booth, so no telling what he would have said to another chick our age. Just had to share, LOL.
Soooo, day 4 of just a soy protein shake at lunchtime... can I just say, "bleh"? "Mildly fruit-flavored frothy cardboard taste" is what should be on the label. Haha. But really, as far as soy protein goes, The brand I got (Spirutein & Frutein by Nature's Plus)
is known for tasting better and having a huge variety of flavors. I've been mixing it with water to keep it low-cal, but today I mixed it with soymilk as a "treat". Should be yummier. I'm allergic to milk, so I hafta go with soy protein and not whey protein. >>"allergic to milk" is NOT the same as "lactose intolerant" Lactose intolerance causes stomach upset and digestion troubles. A milk allergy causes a true allergic reaction, ie asthma/hives<< The pre-and-post diets are supposed to consist of Boost, Slim Fast, or other RTD's & MRP's (whoops, that's my past as a vitamin store manager talking. Other bariatric patients will understand it, but for the rest of you: RTD= Ready To Drink; MRP= Meal Replacement Powder), but they're all milk-based. I don't need to spend my life in the bathroom. If I wanted that, I'd have gastric bypass. I have tracked down ONE RTD Spy MRP, but it's around $2 a can. Which wouldn't be terrible if I could try just one, but I've not found it in-stock anywhere and I'd have to order an entire case to get some. It will probably come down to that, though. I'll make 'em from powder when I can, but I'll need some pre-made for on-the-go.
I've also upped my walking. I've gone from doing 1/2 - 1 mile on most days, to 1.5 - 2 miles on most days. Let's kick this 6 pounds' butt and get my new life scheduled already!
I'm SO excited to be able to wear "normal" clothes and go shopping in the same stores as my girlfriends. Instead of going, "oh that's cute, but it doesn't come in plus-size", I can actually get it! Good thing I'll be saving money on food, because I'll be spending it on clothes... I'm also super pumped to be doing this at age 29; by age 30, when people are fretting over aging, I'll have a new lease on life and be healthier than ever!!!
I'm also pleased that my husband has joined the gym and is eating a bit better. One of my biggest fears was living with someone who ate terribly and huge portions and didn't have any desire to change it. Now he's lost 5 pounds, and I'm thrilled!
Well, see what happens every time I think I don't have much to say? You can't shut me up! 'Til next time!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Just Checking In

There's really not much to post about until I get a surgery date, etc.
I had my ultrasound to check for gallstones. (If you have them, they remove your gallbladder at time of surgery) I don't have any, but they said I do have an enlarged, fatty liver. Which is why you have to do a 2-week clear liquid diet before surgery (to shrink it so they can get to the stomach easier). I was like, "the liver regenerates itself, so can't we just lop some off to get to the stomach and then just let it regrow?" LOL And no, vodka, etc. do not count on your liquid diet, although I'm sure it would make the 2 weeks much more tolerable ;p Just crap like chicken broth and jello. Boy, I'm gonna be a peach during that 2 weeks.
I'm down about 10 lbs, so 10 more to go before they'll schedule surgery. From what I've read on the message boards, most people haven't been required to lose any prior to scheduling. Of course my surgeon requires it. So to lose the 10 pounds, I've been cutting restaurant portions in half, eating a lot less fast food, and the big one- dropping soda. Diet Pepsi was my life! LOL Friends called it my crack, my oxygen... I literally drank over a gallon of diet Pepsi per day. And while there's no sugar/no calories, the aspartame (artificial sweetener) and sodium aren't so great for you, either. I've been allowing myself a diet Pepsi on the weekends only. I miss it, but I'm not dying like I thought I would. But it's soooo rewarding now when I get some on the weekend :)
I've also been walking most days. I do a mile around the neighborhood on my lunch break at work. At home, I use my Wii Just Dance game for a fun but intense workout! I try to do SOMETHING most days. I actually feel deprived when I miss my walk, so that's a good thing. But with the weather rapidly getting warmer, I won't be able to walk at lunch-- I can't come back to work all stinky. And let's face it, if it's over 70 degrees, I'm whining. I really, really wish I had a treadmill so I can park it and a tv in my spare room and walk inside when it's hot out. My husband thinks it's a waste of money when I could just walk outside. Hello, heat stroke is no good (I'm prone to that), and when it's dark out by the time I'm ready to walk, I can't go, because it's not the safest idea to walk alone in the dark. Let me buy a used treadmill!!!!! Because I know for a fact I won't get out there and walk in the heat. At least our puppy is finally done with his shots, we can take the dogs for walks now!
Soooo, in the mornings, I've been having a large glass which consists of a cup of ice, a cup of soymilk, and a cup of coffee. After that, just water water water. Crystal Light is a lifesaver. I've only been drinking about 3 bottles a day, and I need to do 8! But I'm getting there. I love me some extra-pulp orange juice, but wow, it's high in calories! I want to do the whole protein-shake diet like they recommend for my pre-surgery weight loss, but I'm allergic to milk, and it's been hard to find a low-calorie, high-protein soy shake. They're a lot pricier that the regular protein, but I'll have to buckle down and get some this weeks. I want to lose that 10 lbs and get scheduled already!! They also say to consume only 800 cals a day. I certainly haven't been following that, but I'm gonna try now.
SparkPeople.com is an awesome free site which helps you track your calories, carbs, fat, protein, exercise, water intake, etc. I totally recommend it to everyone trying to lose weight! It's really awesome. I'm also following several blogs of other VSG patients, which is inspiring and informative. ('Waning Woman' is my favorite blog so far. She's funny and real and having great success!)
Lookie there, and I thought I didn't have anything to say! I do expect posts to be sporadic until I'm really on the path to surgery, though.
Anyone on Facebook is welcome to join my group, "Sherry's Gastric Sleeve Journey". I post my blogs there on the 'discussions' tab, and there are lots of Sleeve patients, curious people, and supporters on there giving feedback. Thank you all!
Til next time.
PS- Blogging makes me feel like Doogie Howser :)