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Monday, May 3, 2010

Just Checking In

There's really not much to post about until I get a surgery date, etc.
I had my ultrasound to check for gallstones. (If you have them, they remove your gallbladder at time of surgery) I don't have any, but they said I do have an enlarged, fatty liver. Which is why you have to do a 2-week clear liquid diet before surgery (to shrink it so they can get to the stomach easier). I was like, "the liver regenerates itself, so can't we just lop some off to get to the stomach and then just let it regrow?" LOL And no, vodka, etc. do not count on your liquid diet, although I'm sure it would make the 2 weeks much more tolerable ;p Just crap like chicken broth and jello. Boy, I'm gonna be a peach during that 2 weeks.
I'm down about 10 lbs, so 10 more to go before they'll schedule surgery. From what I've read on the message boards, most people haven't been required to lose any prior to scheduling. Of course my surgeon requires it. So to lose the 10 pounds, I've been cutting restaurant portions in half, eating a lot less fast food, and the big one- dropping soda. Diet Pepsi was my life! LOL Friends called it my crack, my oxygen... I literally drank over a gallon of diet Pepsi per day. And while there's no sugar/no calories, the aspartame (artificial sweetener) and sodium aren't so great for you, either. I've been allowing myself a diet Pepsi on the weekends only. I miss it, but I'm not dying like I thought I would. But it's soooo rewarding now when I get some on the weekend :)
I've also been walking most days. I do a mile around the neighborhood on my lunch break at work. At home, I use my Wii Just Dance game for a fun but intense workout! I try to do SOMETHING most days. I actually feel deprived when I miss my walk, so that's a good thing. But with the weather rapidly getting warmer, I won't be able to walk at lunch-- I can't come back to work all stinky. And let's face it, if it's over 70 degrees, I'm whining. I really, really wish I had a treadmill so I can park it and a tv in my spare room and walk inside when it's hot out. My husband thinks it's a waste of money when I could just walk outside. Hello, heat stroke is no good (I'm prone to that), and when it's dark out by the time I'm ready to walk, I can't go, because it's not the safest idea to walk alone in the dark. Let me buy a used treadmill!!!!! Because I know for a fact I won't get out there and walk in the heat. At least our puppy is finally done with his shots, we can take the dogs for walks now!
Soooo, in the mornings, I've been having a large glass which consists of a cup of ice, a cup of soymilk, and a cup of coffee. After that, just water water water. Crystal Light is a lifesaver. I've only been drinking about 3 bottles a day, and I need to do 8! But I'm getting there. I love me some extra-pulp orange juice, but wow, it's high in calories! I want to do the whole protein-shake diet like they recommend for my pre-surgery weight loss, but I'm allergic to milk, and it's been hard to find a low-calorie, high-protein soy shake. They're a lot pricier that the regular protein, but I'll have to buckle down and get some this weeks. I want to lose that 10 lbs and get scheduled already!! They also say to consume only 800 cals a day. I certainly haven't been following that, but I'm gonna try now.
SparkPeople.com is an awesome free site which helps you track your calories, carbs, fat, protein, exercise, water intake, etc. I totally recommend it to everyone trying to lose weight! It's really awesome. I'm also following several blogs of other VSG patients, which is inspiring and informative. ('Waning Woman' is my favorite blog so far. She's funny and real and having great success!)
Lookie there, and I thought I didn't have anything to say! I do expect posts to be sporadic until I'm really on the path to surgery, though.
Anyone on Facebook is welcome to join my group, "Sherry's Gastric Sleeve Journey". I post my blogs there on the 'discussions' tab, and there are lots of Sleeve patients, curious people, and supporters on there giving feedback. Thank you all!
Til next time.
PS- Blogging makes me feel like Doogie Howser :)


  1. LOL Waning Woman is my favorite too. I love how she calls her sleeve "Sleevie Wonder" I modeled my blog after her's using alias's for the people in my life. Anyway, I know what you mean about the clear liquids and vodka. LOL I had a whole lot of wine this weekend because my pre-op diet starts Wednesday. Let us know when you get your date!

  2. Will do! I've already decided my "Sleevie Wonder" will be named "my banana" due to it's size/shape. Not as clever as hers, but still cute :) Thanks for reading and feedback!

  3. Hey miss lady. I just happened to stop by today and check out your blog and see how everything is going. I want you to know that I'm rooting for you to have a successful two week preop diet and if I have to slit a coupla chickens throats, swing em round my head and say a few words of mumbo jumbo, I will totally do that for you :D