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Monday, July 26, 2010

One week post-op quick update!

I really have sooooo much blog-material in my head, but I just can't bring myself to sit here and write yet. So what I'm going to do is paste all of my Facebook status updates pertaining to surgery. I'm a fb nut and fooling around on my phone was all I felt up to. So here's the general gist of my first week.

Reporting to hospital at 6 am tomorrow for 8 am surgery.
7/19 11:19 am

Here I go...
7/20 5:44 am

She's out of surgery and in recovery. Everything went well.
(posted on my page by my husband)
7/20 11:04 am

So that's how you find out you're allergic to morphine.
7/21 10:40 am

Headed home
7/21 7:14 pm

Feel like crap. Drinking water or protein hurts sooo bad. Wish I could have the pain meds from the hospital rather than the useless liquid vicodin.
7/22 9:35 am

This must be what dying feels like
7/22 9:52 am

I think they yanked out my insides, put them in a blender, and shoved em back in.
To those of you who visited in the hospital, the happy me is gone. That was the morphine.
7/22 1:33 pm

I hate being emo but the scent of a fresh bag of chips ahoy cookies just made me start sobbing. Ive woken up from 4 dreams where I was eating food. You wouldn't think my smelling his cookies would make me cry, seeing as a teeny tiny sip of water feels like I swallowed a spewing volcano.
7/22 4:47 pm

EW! is the dr trying to make me gag?! Just attempted to take my normal meds crushed in water as directed. I screamed and spit it out
7/22 9:50 pm

bored. stir crazy already
7/24 7:59

You know how skinny I'd be if you had to pedal to keep the iPhone going?
7/25 9:40 am

I haven't had food of any kind since a week ago today :(
Spoke with my surgeon this morning. I now get a third item allowed on my diet: pedialyte. Oh joy.
7/25 11:40 am

The commercial for "right size smoothies" claims that eating under 1,000 calories a day will "actually make you gain weight, not lose it". Really? Cuz I lost 40 lbs in 3 mos by eating 800 cals a day before surgery :p
7/26 10:11 pm

I promise I'll blog this week. And I no longer think I'm dying or that I made the biggest mistake of my life. The first few days home, without pain meds, were rough. But I'm drinking better and improving daily :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Surgery in 2 days!

I'm so anxious! My refrigerator and pantry are equipped for the next couple of weeks:

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Quick Check-In due to popular demand!

Several people have messaged me and said I need to write in my blog... it's been a couple of weeks. There's a reason for that- I don't feel like I have anything to say! LOL
Surgery is in 6 days! Which means 5 more days of this liquid protein diet. NONE of my friends who've had bariatric surgery had to do a fast beforehand... 2 weeks of this has sucked!! I can have a little bit of plain chicken or tuna, etc. but the majority is protein shakes. Under 800 cal/day and over 70g protein/day.
The thing that has saved me is Carl's Jr's Original Grilled Chicken salad- large and filling, and exactly 200 cals.
About a week ago, I got really freaked out for about 2 days. "What on earth am I about to do?! Removing a major organ by my own choice? Maybe everyone is right, and I should just do this "myself"... {I've been over that in prior blogs so I won't go into detail about 'not doing it myself'} Anyway, I fessed up to my husband that I was finally actually scared. He said I'm doing it for the right reasons. He also vocalized exactly what I've been saying in my head: the only reason I've been able to lose the 40 lbs is because I've had an immediate goal I had to meet... any time I cut my self some slack, I've started rapidly going in the wrong direction and had to change my behavior all over again. I would NOT have done this without the motivation of surgery. Only you WLS'ers can get what I'm saying, I'm sure.
SO HERE'S THE QUESTION: How scared were you before surgery? Out of this 3 month process, I freaked out for 2 days.
My husband was actually relieved... "you're finally nervous? join the club with the rest of us!" He was more concerned that I was the only one who WASN'T scared, LOL. Anyway, with his reassurance, and knowing he's absolutely right-- I totally haven't exercised once since meeting the dr's weight loss goal a month ago; I'd gain the weight back in no time- I am now excited and more chill again.
Til next time!